An Industry-Leading Solution for Early Detection of Diabetic Retinopathy

Teleretinal screening for diabetic retinopathy is a proven and effective approach. iVision provides a structured, workflow-based and clinically proven process for chronic eye disease detection. By integrating a diabetic retinopathy screening service into their practice, primary care providers can provide this essential component of routine diabetic care. Patients with diabetes can receive a quick, convenient and non-invasive retinal exam at their next doctor’s visit and have their results on the same day.

Image Acquisition

Retinal photos are taken using an easy-to-operate retinal camera operated by your medical assistant, technician or nurse. Operation of the camera requires minimal training.

  • Screen patients in under 3 minutes
  • Does not require eye dilation
  • Images are automatically and securely transferred to the iVision platform for diagnosis
  • Compatible with most tabletop or handheld retinal cameras

Clinical Diagnosis

Retinal images are analyzed and clinically diagnosed for the presence or absence of diabetic retinopathy, stage, severity of condition and any other ocular or systemic health issues discovered.

  • Images reviews and clinically diagnosed by board certified ophthalmologists
  • National ophthalmologist network
  • Our image enhancement technology ensures higher gradabilty rates and accurate diagnoses
  • Report is accessible to the patient and their provider on-line or by mail

Diagnostic Report

The diagnostic report is automatically generated for viewing by patient’s care provider with recommendations for referral or re-screening.

  • Easy-to-understand report
  • Reports generally delivered within 4 hours
  • Includes ICD-10 codes
  • Report can be re-ingested back into EMR system

Electronic Referral

Using iVision’s eReferral capabilities, patients in need of treatment can be referred electronically to an ophthalmologist or other health professional in their area. Ophthalmologists are provided with on-line access to patient’s medical history, diagnostic report and retinal images for assessment and to prioritize their case.

  • Eliminates the need to fax referrals
  • Significantly reduces referral turnaround times and speeds up access to treatment
  • Automatized notification alerts keeping all parties informed of referral progress
  • Centralized case notes input form all treating professionals

A Feature-rich Solution for Chronic Eye Disease Screening

iVision offers an extensive array of features designed to manage and improve the screening process.

iVision Image Enhancement

Image Enhancement & Optimization

iVision’s image enhancement and optimization capabilities help improve the accuracy of pathology detection for diabetic retinopathy and other eye diseases. This also serves to reduce the rate of ungradable images to almost negligible levels regardless of which retinal camera you use.

Bi-directional EMR Integration

iVision can integrate with all major HL7-compliant EMR systems providing seamless and clinically-optimized primary care workflows. Our solution is designed for full interoperability. We support healthcare interoperability standards such as HL7, IHE XDS, FHIR and Information Exchange. We can integrate with any HL7 compatible EMR / EHR system.

In most situations, this is a bi-directional integration meaning that orders are initiated, and patient data is pulled from the EMR system. Diagnostic reports are re-ingested by the EMR system and attached to the patient’s medical record.

iVision EMR Integration Capabilities

Customizable Dashboards

The iVision dashboard puts actionable insights and analytics at your fingertips to ensure your screening program is a success. The dashboard allows you to track screening compliance rates, program performance metrics, rates of pathology detection by disease state and severity with interactive filters and drill down capabilities.

iVision also provides a 360° view of your program in real-time across all stages of the screening process from scheduling, patient registration, image acquisiton, clinical interpretation, reporting to the moment of timely referral for ophthalmological follow-up care or patient recall.

A Robust & Secure Platform


Our platform is delivered through our secure cloud providing rapid deployment and zero maintenance. No upfront software or server hardware is required. iVision is updated with no hassle maintenance, a high availability uptime guarantee, daily back-ups, and fail-over redundancy.

HIPAA Compliant & Secure

At Retina Labs security is our #1 priority. Our solution is HIPAA compliant and offers the highest level of security and encryption to ensure the protection of your electronic Protected Health Information.

Highly Configurable

Off the shelf, iVision is built on best practices for diabetic retinopathy screening. However, it can be customized to meet your organization’s needs and existing workflows.

Desktop & Tablet Compatibility

Designed from the ground up as a completely web-based solution, iVision allows users to access to patient files, read and diagnose images, create reports and offer live teleconsultations from anywhere including desktop or tablet devices.

Retinal Cameras

Retina Labs teleophthalmology platform is compatible with all non-mydriatic fundus cameras. Should your practice need to procure a retinal camera, Retina Labs offers a choice of affordable, easy-to-use handheld and portable devices that consistently capture high-quality retinal images. These devices can be operated by anyone in your practice with minimal training. We offer both purchase and rental options to minimize upfront capital investment.

Optomed AuroraIQ

The Optomed Aurora is an affordable, lightweight and easy-to-use portable retinal camera. From the exam room to on-location screenings, nursing home calls and everywhere in between, the Aurora moves with your practice and makes it possible to expand your services. With the Aurora, you can perform fundus screening anytime, anywhere!
Optomed AuroraIQ
With this lightweight non-mydriatic device camera you can take from the exam room to on-location screenings, nursing home calls and everywhere in between. The Aurora will shoot detailed high-resolution 50 degree FoV images in daylight or darkness. The Aurora comes with a travel case, 2 battery packs and charging station.

Topcon TRC-NW400

The Topcon TRC-NW400 is a fully automated, easy-to-use, non-mydriatic tabletop retinal camera designed to obtain high resolution color images of the retina and the anterior segment of the eye.
Topcon TRC-NW400
The TRC-NW400 has 9 internal fixation targets that facilitate the composition of wide-angle views of the retina The large 10” color touch-screen monitor allows for total control of the functions as well as displays the acquired images. With a compact 1’ X 1’ square design, the NW400 requires minimal space and can be transported easily using the optional road case.

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