A Cost-effective Approach to Compliance Gap Closure

Retina Labs offers a suite of in-home preventive screenings for your members living with diabetes. We ensure that your diabetic members, particularly the most non-compliant segment of your population, receive the appropriate preventive screenings in the comfort of their home. Our mobile screening solution improves access and the quality of care through better disease detection and care management. The home is the ideal place for members to close these quality gaps as it offers the utmost convenience and least scheduling hassles.

Key Benefits:

Increase STAR ratings and HEDIS quality measures

Provide access to in-home screenings for hard to close care gaps

Reduce risk of patient chronic disease progression

Improve AEP positioning

Improve member experience and decrease the costs of care

End-to-end Preventive Screening

Retina Labs in-home/mobile preventive screening services improves member access to preventive care and enables health plans to close compliance gaps quickly and cost-effectively.


Our HiTrust certified call center offers telephonic outreach services to schedule home visits with your non-compliant members. We also provide a toll-free member hotline for in-bound inquiries and scheduling requests.


Tests are carried out by our team of experienced and rigorously trained technologists who highly are skilled in retinal imaging and bone density scanning. Our technologists also provide instruction and coaching to help members self-complete their lab tests.


All our technologists are equipped with the latest in portable retinal imaging and bone density ultrasound technology. Our retinal camera provides the utmost in terms of image quality and gradeability with full 60o field of view for improved disease detection.


We provide comprehensive diagnostic services through our nationwide network of board-certified ophthalmologists and retina specialists. Thanks to our industry leading cloud teleophthalmology platform, retinal images are analyzed and graded with high clinical accuracy for diabetic retinopathy and other ocular disorders.


Lab test kits are FDA cleared for direct-to-consumer distribution. Specimens are analyzed by our CAP accredited and CLIA regulated laboratory facility ensuring accurate and reliable results. We provide full kit lifecycle tracking with member follow-ups to ensure maximum participation.


Exam and lab test results are communicated to members and their providers quickly following encounters. Reports are easy to understand and include actionable information for providers with complete diagnostic and care plan recommendations. For out of threshold results providers are contacted by phone to ensure prompt action and referral.

Mobile Testing Unit Closes Care Gaps and Reduces Long-term Health Costs.

Diabetic Eye Exams

Diabetic retinopathy is the leading cause of preventable blindness. Fewer than 50% of people living with diabetes receive screening examinations at appropriate intervals. Early detection and prompt treatment can reduce vision loss by up to 95%.

We help health plans meet and exceed NCQA HEDIS requirements for diabetic eye exams by improving access, convenience and screening adherence rates in a cost-effective manner.

Retina Labs mobile testing unit offers in-home telemedicine-based screening for early detection of diabetic retinopathy and other ocular disorders. Using state-of the-art imaging and proprietary image enhancement technology, we assure a high degree of grading accuracy and clinical reliability.

Bone Density Scans

Early osteoporosis diagnosis is important and can help prevent fractures from occurring in the first place. A bone density test is safe and painless and will help determine whether or not members are at risk for osteoporosis. A bone density test is the only test that can diagnose osteoporosis before a broken bone occurs. Retina Labs helps health plans improve their HEDIS Osteoporosis Management in Women Who Had a Fracture (OMW) measure.

Retina Labs offers in-home bone density screenings for members who fit the following profile:

  • Recent fracture
  • Pattern of non-compliance with bone density screenings in previous years
  • Barriers to care that might prevent the member from visiting his or her doctor

Preventive Screening Lab Tests

In addition to diabetic eye exams and bone density scans, Retina Labs offers an array of FDA-cleared, direct-to-consumer lab tests to close more gaps in care and increase ROI. By empowering and coaching members to self-complete our easy-to-use test kits, we help facilitate the prevention, early detection, and management of chronic diseases. Within a few business days, actionable data is reported back to the member, their care provider, and health plan. This ensures your members get the lab tests they need, when and where they need them. Our test kits program includes:

  • Hemoglobin A1c
  • Micro Albumin Urine
  • Colorectal Cancer Screening
ComplyHub Logo

ComplyHub is Retina Labs proprietary technology platform for managing HEDIS gap closure and the cornerstone for our in-home preventive care service. ComplyHub offers an end-to-end solution that encompasses Electronic Health Records (EHR), scheduling and logistics optimization, field workforce management, care plan administration, electronic visit verification, client dashboards and reporting.

Scheduling Optimization

Algorithm-based technology simplifies and streamlines home visit scheduling and ensures that our field workforce appointments and routes are organized in the most logistically efficient manner. This results in more home visits, less wasted travel time and better care for your members.

Field Workforce

The ComplyHub mobile app provides our field workforce with real-time access to their schedules, driving route, patient data, care plan instructions and test administration ensuring that every encounter is carried out accurately and fully documented.


ComplyHub’s Electronic Visit Verification (EVV) capabilities accurately tracks in-home visits. Field technologists check in only once they’ve arrived at the member’s home and check out upon completion of the visit. ComplyHub EVV keeps track of the services performed, the member receiving the service, the date and location of the of the service, the individual providing the service and the start and end times of the visit.

Client Portal

The ComplyHub client portal offers health plans real-time insights into their HEDIS gap closure program. This includes dashboards on key program metrics, outreach progress, aggregate test results by test type with interactive filtering capabilities. Health plans can also view individual member test results, perform queries and export data.

Provider Verification

Many health plans lack accurate and up to date information on their members’ provider of record. As part of our visit protocol checklist, the member’s primary care provider can be verified or changed ensuring that the results are delivered to the right provider for timely follow up and referral when needed.

Patient Portal

The ComplyHub patient portal allows members to access their test results on-line within hours of their home visit. Members can also communicate with us in real time if they have any questions about their results.

For over a decade, Retina Labs has been a leader in teleretinal screening for diabetic retinopathy. Our clinic-based and in-home screening programs offer health plans and providers an effective approach to prevent blindness, close critical care gaps, improve outcomes and lower healthcare costs.