Retina Labs Releases Case Study on Sentara In-Home Diabetic Eye Exam Program

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Retina Labs Releases Case Study on Sentara In-Home Diabetic Eye Exam Program

Retina Labs is pleased to announce the release of its latest case study featuring Sentara Health. This case study highlights the success of Retina Labs innovative in-home diabetic eye exam and preventive care screening care program which helps health plans improve HEDIS scores, Star ratings and diabetes management.

Sentara Health is one of the leading health care systems in the country. In 2022 Retina Labs partnered with Sentara to help bridge HEDIS care gaps by delivering essential preventive health screenings directly to members in the comfort of their homes. Retina Labs in-home care model home program offers Sentara members convenient access to a range of screenings including diabetic eye exams, HbA1c, kidney health assessments, colon cancer testing, and bone mineral density scans.

“We have found, particularly with our Medicare members, that it is sometimes difficult for them to get to the provider’s office to receive the preventive services they need” says Mark Fulton, Director, Population Health Performance Improvement & Innovations for Sentara Health. “We remove the barrier of transportation and costs for members.”

“The success of this program clearly shows that in-home preventive care can be an effective population health strategy” says Richard Pridham, Retina Labs CEO. “In-home preventive care is enabling health plan members take to charge of their health by brining the service to them at their convenience.”

Program Highlights:

  • 3,265 in-home diabetic eye exams with 400 vision-saving ophthalmology referrals
  • 1,473 completed at-home HbA1c tests
  • 5,203 completed at-home colorectal cancer tests
  • $3.3M in Virginia Medicaid PWP bonus payouts for plan

From an outcomes perspective, the case study uncovered several significant findings:

  • 32% of the members screened exhibited signs of diabetic retinopathy or other ocular disorders, underscoring the critical role of early detection. These individuals may have otherwise gone unscreened, risking potential vision loss. Our in-home screening program ensured prompt awareness and referrals to appropriate eye care providers for these members.
  • 10% of members who were screened for colon cancer tested positive, indicating potential risk for colorectal cancer.
  • 16% of members showed elevated hemoglobin A1c levels, drastically increasing risk for complications and highlighting need for management strategies.

Tangible Results:

Since the program began, Retina Labs closed over 9,765 HEDIS gaps in care for Sentara helping the plan enhance its population health strategy and quality outcome measures. Making screening more accessible and convenient through at-home care, Retina Labs has helped its health plan customers increase Star Ratings and quality metrics, close critical HEDIS care gaps, unlock lucrative Medicare Quality Bonus Payment incentives, improve chronic disease management, and increase member satisfaction and loyalty. In 2023, Sentara earned $3.3 million in Virginia Medicaid Performance Withhold Program (PWP) payments for the diabetic retinopathy screening measure alone. From a member experience perspective, the in-home service is greatly appreciated as reflected in a 98% satisfaction score.

Download Full Case Study: