Retina Labs Launches ComplyHub

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Retina Labs, the leading provider of teleophthalmology and diabetic retinopathy screening solutions, is pleased to announce the launch of ComplyHub, its latest innovation for in-home preventive health screening. ComplyHub is Retina Labs proprietary technology platform for managing HEDIS gap closure and the cornerstone for the company’s in-home preventive care operations. Retina Labs in-home preventive screening services include diabetic eye exams, bone density scans, hemoglobin A1C, microalbumin urine, colorectal cancer screening and blood pressure control management. Services are delivered by Retina Labs field workforce of retinal imaging technologists.

ComplyHub offers an end-to-end solution that encompasses Electronic Health Records (EHR), member scheduling and logistics optimization, field workforce management, care plan administration, test administration, Electronic Visit Verification, client dashboards and reporting.

“ComplyHub is designed specifically for in-home preventive care management and was built to meet the needs of health plans seeking close critical HEDIS gaps in a highly reliable and cost-effective manner” says Richard Pridham, President & CEO of Retina Labs. “ComplyHub is truly unique in that it supports the entire gap closure cycle and clinical workflows associated with in-home preventive screening”.ComplyHub Screenshots

    • SCHEDULING OPTIMIZATION: Algorithm-based technology simplifies and streamlines member outreach and home visit scheduling which ensures that our field workforce appointments and routes are organized in the most logistically efficient manner. This results in more home visits, less wasted travel time and better care for your members.

  • FIELD WORKFORCE MANAGEMENT: The ComplyHub mobile app provides our field workforce with real-time access to their schedules, driving route, patient data, care plan instructions and test administration ensuring that every encounter is carried out accurately and fully documented.


  • ELECTRONIC VISIT VERIFICATION: ComplyHub’s Electronic Visit Verification (EVV) capabilities accurately tracks in-home visits. Field technologists check in only once they’ve arrived at the member’s home and check out upon completion of the visit. ComplyHub EVV keeps track of the services performed, the member receiving the service, the date and location of the of the service, the individual providing the service and the start and end times of the visit.


  • CLIENT PORTAL: The ComplyHub client portal offers health plans real-time insights into their HEDIS gap closure program. This includes dashboards on key program metrics, outreach progress, aggregate test results by test type with interactive filtering capabilities. Health plans can also view individual member test results, perform queries and export data.


  • PROVIDER VERIFICATION: Many health plans lack accurate and up to date information on their members’ provider of record. As part of our visit protocol checklist, the member’s primary care provider can be verified or changed ensuring that the results are delivered to the right provider for timely follow up and referral when needed.


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